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Goran Bregović: Three Letters from Sarajevo


Beloved Balkan composer Bregović’s new work, Three Letters from Sarajevo, is inspired by the complexities of the people and history of Sarajevo, a city in which three religions coexist. He explores and celebrates the city, known as the “Jerusalem of the Balkans,” reflecting on how the three religions’ musical stylings influence the way the violin is played. Written for solo violin, this unique piece is a metaphor for the peace and understanding that diverse people and cultures seek in the world.

Alongside Bregović and his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, this performance will feature violin soloists Mirjana Neskovic of Serbia, Gershon Leizerson of Israel, and Zied Zouari of Tunisia. Washington, DC-based string quartet Rogue Collective and The Woodley Ensemble vocal sextet will join the soloists.