The main lesson for “Interviews With ...” is how much difference live music makes in any production, even this one. Two women from the Rogue Collective — Alexa Cantalupo and Kaitlin Moreno in the performance I saw, play compelling violin to a backing track before the show starts and then improvise during and especially between scenes during the show.
Washington Post
The Rogue Collective, a DC-based string quartet provides delightful accompaniment, with original compositions and improvised riffs. This is not your grandma’s sonata. Catch ‘em while they’re on the up. So you can say you saw them when. Seriously folks.
DC Metro Theater Arts
The live accompaniment by Rogue Collective elevated the the unique performance with their beautifully composed modern classical music. From elegant and seductive to humorous and haunting, their impeccably played accompaniment flawlessly lifted each scene into the next. Each vignette had a wonderfully matched tune and Rogue Collective graced the small stage for two miniature concerts to smoothly transition the show.
DC Metro Theater Arts
Although the text is scripted, the verve of improvisation pulses strongly throughout. The rogue collective, a DC-based string quartet, accompanies the actors with improvised riffs, blending Foley style sound effects with their modern take on classical music.
DC Theater Scene